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VG/PG Ratio

For our own personal use, we here at Silk Road Vapour mix our liquids at 70:30. We find this is a very happy medium providing ample vapour whilst maintaining flavour, it is also suitable in most, if not all, types of atomizers on the market today. We prefer our eliquid's to conist of primarily VG and therefore we do not offer any liquids with any higher than 30% PG concentration.

Concentration: Single vs Double

The single concentration is ready to vape straight from the bottle. It is the finished product, you do not need to add anything, just enjoy!

The double option is for those who either want to add their own nicotine to their liquid, or alternatively, for those who prefer their liquids to be stronger in flavour. For example, if you order a 30ml doubler, it will be shipped in a 60ml bottle however it will only have 30ml of liquid in it, with double the concentration of 'flavour' (compared to a 30ml single). The idea is that you are able to add your own strength nicotine and/or your own vg/pg to adjust the strength of the flavour to your liking and also adjust the PG/VG ratio to your liking.

If you order a doubler, we will mix it at Max VG. On average, this will come out to be a 40:60, that is, 40% VG and 60% PG. The reason for this is that most flavour concentrates are suspended in PG.

For example, if a 30ml single has 15% total flavour concentrate, that is equal to 4.5ml (or there about). Therefore, a 15ml double (which is considered to be equivalent to a 30ml single) will contain 9ml of flavour (which is PG based), the remaining 6ml will be VG, therefore giving a final ratio of 40% VG and 60%PG. The ratio of the other 15ml of liquid that is intended to be added is completely up to you! 

When adding VG and PG, you can do it either by weight or volume. If you are adding by weight you will require a scale. VG weighs about 1.26g/ml while PG weighs 1.04g/ml. 

Breaking the maths down further, if you create a 70:30 mix of VG/PG, then your weight is calculated as:


If this all looks like gibberish to you, please don't hesitate to contact us on!


Generally, when rebuilding an RDA or RTA we give the atomizer a clean with some cotton pads and rubbing alcohol, we also do the same to the wire before we build a coil. This is not to say that the wire is dirty, however, it is a metal and there could be traces of oils and such, therefore, we feel as though the extra few seconds is worth the trouble!

Remember to be careful when building your own coils, those little off-cuts of wire can be terribly sharp!

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