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If something isn't answered here, shoot us an email at or use our contact page

Is there a phone number I an contact you on?

At this stage we do not offer support via phone. We do however offer support via email and on the plus side, we are generally very quick to respond! 

The colour of my liquid is changing, is this normal?

As we make all our liquids fresh at the time you place your order, they will undergo a steeping process as time passes. Some liquids will naturally change colour whilst others won't. This is perfectly normal, so if you find that your liquid is getting darker, it isn't going off, it is just maturing! A bit like a fine wine from a few years ago! 

How long do I need to steep my liquid for?

This is a tough question, every liquid is different and everyone's taste profile is different. We go by the very simple rule of, generally, the longer the better! Obviously, this is hard to do when you have a beautiful bottle in your hand staring right at you. That's not to say that the juice isn't fine to vape as soon as you receive it, go right ahead and give it a go! 
As a final note, we generally say 3-4 days as a minimum on all juices (again, this does NOT mean you can't vape it on the day you receive it, the flavour just won't be fully matured). Custard/buttery/cream/tobacco flavours generally take a tad longer than fruit type flavours. If it is your first time vaping a new flavour, we recommend trying it over a period of time, perhaps a couple of times a week. We have found that with many flavours, they are still improving after the 2 week mark. 

How often do you ship orders?

We ship orders everyday, by both standard Australia post and Express post. Generally, if you order before 11am we will try to get your order out that same day. On the occasion, there may be delays sometimes prolonging the shipping by 1 day. Please see our 'Shipping and Returns' page for more information.

Do your juices contain nicotine? Is it possible to get nicotine in my liquid?

It is illegal to supply or distribute nicotine in Australia therefore none of our liquids contain nicotine. However, if you have purchased nicotine suspended in PG or VG from overseas, you can make use of our 'double' variant of e-liquids. These will allow you to mix your own nicotine into the liquid. If you would like more information, please see our 'Product Information' page, or alternatively, don't hesitate to contact us at!

Can I purchase your e-liquids anywhere apart from your website?

You sure can! See the list of stockists here.

Does Max VG mean there is 0% PG in the liquid?

No. The reason is most flavour concentrates are suspended in PG. Therefore if you choose Max VG and that particular liquid has 15% flavour, then it also has roughly 15% PG.
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